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Play in the House

A little something about me. I have ideas. Like TONS of ideas. I've got over 75+ boards on Pinterest (thoroughly categorized) where I can hold all of my lovely ideas and the projects I want to do in the future. I have 3-4 Cozi To-Do lists going with ideas and projects. 

I may have a problem.

Point is; I need an outlet for all this creativity besides photography. We recently purchased a house and I'm trying to create a unique space for my family and making our house a home.

I've always enjoyed using items for dual purposes. That old school soap dish attached to the wall? Give it a new home next to the front door to hold keys or in the laundry room to hold loose change. This also translates to my photography. Two girls in a fancy dress hanging out with horses? Yes! Let's play! 

Back to the house. Our kitchen has a little island with a plain side (opposite the cupboards and drawers) where you are supposed to house a stool. That's too "by the book" for me. I saw that as an opportunity to invite my little artists into the kitchen to draw by painting the back of the island in chalk board paint. 

Fast forward to 5 months later and I still hadn't purchased any paint! I found, through trusty Pinterest, some chalkboard vinyl. A huge roll of it. This was perfect and quick and would let little Miss get on with drawing. My husband was sweet enough to install it while we were out and surprised his princess with a lovely kid sized art space complete with a drawing of a kitty cat. 

She was in love and immediately started drawing while fighting off sleep. I didn't get pictures of that moment. I did recently get some shots of sister and brother revisiting that spot as they forgot the iPad and Minecraft for a moment and played together. 

kids chalkboard

I should also let you know that my artist also decided that because our coffee table was painted black which meant that it was obviously perfect for drawing on. I wasn't as thrilled. Thankfully her daddy came to the rescue and cleaned it right up. 

toddler with chalk