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Next Chapter

Today is a big day. It’s the day that my niece, Tiana, heads to Wisconsin to be with her mom.  You see; Tiana has been living with us for a couple months to finish out her school year in AZ while her mom moved to Wisconsin to start her job hunt. School is officially over and the last few weeks have been spent saying goodbye to her cousins and friends. 

We’ve been so blessed and happy to have her with us during these past few months.  I'm so thankful that Ella and Noah have had the chance to spend some quality time playing and learning from Tiana.

I am going to miss her so much but I know that she'll be quick text or Face time call away. Technology has made it so much easier for family to live in different states and keep in touch. Me or the kids can easily text or call her. I couldn't imagine if I had to wait weeks to receive a letter from my sister. At the same time; I know I enjoy getting real mail in the mailbox. So do kids.* 

In the meantime; let’s enjoy some pictures of us. Until next time.

 *side note: I'm going to try and send more fun stuff to my nieces and nephews in the mail.  

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