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Gift Roundup | Father's Day

I've done a round-up of some awesome gifts for dads this Father's Day.  I usually leave it to my husband to tell me what I'm getting him since I don't know anything about guitars or bikes. That doesn't stop me for browsing the internets to find a great gift for my dad or husband. Here are some of my favorites. 


$5 (immediate download so you can print) for the star wars loving dad @dunestudio


I love this set! My husband is a musician so this would be perfect for our family! I want to get one for me and him plus the ones for the children: remix, encore and mic drop.  These are the original. Find them online @KaAn's Designs


My husband is a guitarist and lyricist so this speaks volumes. I got one similar to this one for our anniversary. It said "Thanks for picking me". The pun level on this guitar pick is just as epic. Even if he doesn't use it; there is an option to have it attached to a key chain.  

$24: etsy seller | c&tcustomlures


Commemorate the year it all started with this adorable key chain with a penny from the year of your first child's birth. Take a look around the shop as well since these would make great mother's day and anniversary presents.

$15: etsy seller | mycupoflove


Who doesn't love their dad or husband to smell good. With this lovely kit; he can smell manly and you'll be happy. Includes: shaving brush, shaving soap, soap on a rope and loofah.  Best part: portions of all sales go to local animal charities that they support. 

  $37: etsy seller | Sunny Bunny Gardens


If your dad or grandpa loves to grill then this set of spice rubs is perfect for the southern loving, finger lickin', rib grilling dad. Check out this shop on etsy because they also sell salts and other seasonings.

$19.05 : etsy seller | gustospice


This list wouldn't be complete without a gift for the photography loving dad. I love the manliness the leather brings and the personalized touch is perfect! For only $39.00 and you get to pick the strap and patch color. Gorgeous! Good news; if you are a procrastinator like me - this product has rush processing available so it'll arrive in time for Father's Day. 

etsy seller | theBlue Coop Door

Whew -- I  so enjoy gathering gift ideas for Father's Day. Now, if you'll excuse me -- I need to get myself in gear and order something.